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1978 Aston Martin V8 Series 3


An Aston Martin is a car that's on so may peoples bucket list and this particular V8 is one to be proud of. It completed a full mechanical and underside restoration in 2021 with every nut, clip and bolt gleaming like new.

In 2022 all interior seats were stripped and repadded and new bumpers were fitted front and rear. All work was carried out by Aston Engineering in Derby and the history folder shows this Aston has been truly pampered.

Introduced in August 1973, the Weber carburettor AM V8 (Series 3) was the predecessor to the Bosch fuel injected AM V8 (Series 2). There were several notable differences between these two models, the main one being the four Weber 42 DCNF downdraught carburettors replacing the Bosch fuel injection system. To accommodate the carburettors, the car had a taller bonnet bulge fitted. Other changes include side indicator repeaters, optional overriders on the bumpers, revised front seats, interior switches and heater controls, increased luggage space and improved cooling to the engine and transmission. In January 1977, the ‘S’ specification was introduced on the series 3 model resulting in a more powerful ‘Stage 1’ engine tuning and Black instruments, both of which feature on this car.

In 1994, a bare metal respray together with additional restoration work was carried out by marque specialists, Marksdanes in Somerset and a photographic record of this is included in the history file. The most recent recent work was completed in 2021 and 2022 and totalled some £42,000 at Aston Engineering. This included the needle blasting of the underside, front and rear suspension rebuild, fitment of an AE handling kit together with a full brake system overhaul and a major service.

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