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1985 Mercedes-Benz 230E


In all my years, I've never seen a Mercedes W123 as good as this one. A previous owner went to the time and expense of a full restoration and the car really is now as good as new. Every aspect of this 230E is jaw dropping.

The car was stripped to a bare shell and was almost entirely rust free. The body was fully repainted, fitted with new seals and the underside and cavities were waxed. The paintwork is now flawless in Smoke Silver Metallic.

The engine was removed and fully stripped as part of the restoration. It was rebuild with new parts where required after all reusable parts were aqua blasted, plated or painted as required. The engine is now whisper quiet, and lively with great performance on the open road. All suspension was removed and rebuilt with new parts where required. The wheels were refurbished and fitted with new tyres.

The handling of the car is so much more precise than most of the other W123's on the market. The interior was also stripped out as part of the restoration. All upholstery and carpet were is excellent condition and other than replacing the spring base and pad in the drivers seat, everything was refitted after a complete clean. The last owner ordered an expensive set of Coco Mats from America to finish off the refit.

This is probably the best Mercedes W123 in Ireland or the UK and probably show winning quality.

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