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1991 BMW Z1


Exactly 8,000 Z1's were produced between 1989 and 1991 making this a very rare and desirable BMW. To the motoring journalists and owners the Z1 represented the future at the time. It’s smooth 2.5 litre straight six engine, manual gearbox, plastic body panels and electric doors were like no other car before or since.

This particular car is one of the last produced. Delivered new in June 1991 to it’s doctor owner in Amsterdam, this Z1 spent its first 30 years with that owner as part of an eclectic collection of cars. Eventually in 2021, the now 70 year old 6ft 6 radiologist had to admit that while it was great fun driving with the doors down, the high sills of the Z1 were getting a little impractical and the car was sold to a collector in Ireland.

The car has been meticulously maintained with common Z1 issues attended to such as the exhaust system having been replaced for a stainless steel item and the door serviced and belts replaced by a specialist. The car has been enjoyed with the original owners scrap book featuring photos of trips as far south as Italy and as far west as Dingle. It is now ready to be enjoyed by a new owner.",

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