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1991 Range Rover 3 Door


This is a custom built and unique Classic 3 Door Range Rover. Built to order on a ‘no expense spared’ basis for a collector that had to have something that didn’t exist but that he desperately wanted. It is now available to purchase at a fraction of its build cost.

It all started with a 1991 Chassis that was stripped, galvanised, restored and rebuilt. Then a 1991 three door body was sourced in Europe where they remained available after sales in the UK stopped in 1981. That body was fully restored and mounted to the chassis and the result is a 1991 right hand drive Range Rover Classic. Probably one of a kind.

Finished in Beluga Black, a more modern Range Rover colour, the body of the Range Rover has been updated but remains a simple, unfussy affair. Modern Range Rover badges give a subtle nod to the nature of this car. Look closer, and you see more details. Bespoke hinge assemblies on the rear windows are made from billet aluminium, so they won’t degrade into a rusty eyesore. All the door rubbers are new, all the glass is perfect.

Open the doors and peer into the door shuts and you’re greeted with paint as perfect as the exterior panels. No corrosion, no rusty bolts, nothing. It’s as good, if not better than new. Open the bonnet, and you’ll bite your lip as you survey the fresh inner panels complete with brand new bolts affixing them - stainless, naturally.

Focus your eyes lower and peer beyond the wheels and you’ll be greeted by gleaming gloss black via the chassis, broken up by the bright yellow of the suspension and new, modern Polybushes. You’ll also be able to follow the shiny new copper pipework on its journey from engine bay to the rest of the chassis.

This Range Rover is, make no mistake is a resto mod. And it’s the interior where this is most evident. The original Range Rover was comfortable, but it was also sparse by modern standards. It has now been given a modern twist. First, there are the seats. They’re traditional Range Rover frames, but with new foam and padding, all of which is wrapped in high grade two-tone leather. They’re heated in the front. The door cards are trimmed to match, and the finish is exquisite. There is a new rally-style steering wheel in Alcantara.

The dash and centre console are immaculate, and are again treated to a nice helping of that same high grade leather. The gear selector and diff lock lever are bespoke billeted aluminium. There is an Alpine double din system fitted unit with DAB, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and electronic fuel filler release.

The 3.9 Rover V8 was completely stripped and rebuilt. New seals, gaskets, service items, timing set, fluids, the full lot. No nut or bolt has been left unturned. The cooling system, the electrical system - all new. The brakes - all new. The brake lines - all new.

If you want a two-door Range Rover, and you want one of the best two-door Range Rovers at that, this is absolutely the one.

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