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1992 Mercedes-Benz 300TE


This 1992 Mercedes-Benz 300TE has just 89,000 miles, is in exceptional condition and has had a recent major service.  It was imported from Japan in 2021 and thanks to the dry climate, is rust free. This is a rare European, high specification car with sunroof, air conditioning and a 7 seat leather interior. 

The exterior is virtually flawless. The paintwork is “blue black metallic” (199) and the bumpers and side trims are in the correct “Alto Grey” (700) satin finish. The entire car has just completed 4 days of detailing and paint correction. The 15 hole alloy wheels are fitted with new Goodyear Efficient Grip tyres.

The Interior is a lovely place to be with levels of comfort and quality that few cars can match. It’s hard to believe that it's 31 years old. The specification includes ABS, 4 electric windows, a tilt and slide sunroof, electric front seats and additional fold out seats in the boot.

The 3 litre 6 cylinder engine is wonderfully smooth and more than capable of keeping up with modern traffic. On the open road there are no unwelcome rattles or squeaks, just silent comfort. A recent major service included spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, anti roll bar rubbers, front and rear drive shaft coupling, front shock absorbers and bottom ball joints.

The W124 Mercedes is the perfect all rounder and a proven classic icon. You can be proud to bring it to a Cars & Coffee meet. You can take it on a continental road trip or just use it for the school run. 

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