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The Super Car Weekend
At Dundrum Town Centre

Where heritage meets horsepower.
Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of August 2023

Exhibitor Registration

No upcoming events at the moment
Ferrari 812 Superfast

This is an event where people can meet, talk, eat, drink and inspire over a quick coffee or lazy lunch. It’s indoors, so as unpredictable as the Irish weather can be, your car will be tucked up safe and sound and looking its best


We’ve 40 “Feature Car” spaces which will be the highlight of the event and will be allocated to the cars we think will turn the most heads. So, register early!.



All cars must be registered in advance and we’re limited to 100 cars per day. 

Do I need to pay to register?



Do I need to pay for parking on the day?

No, if you are registered parking will be free of charge.


Dates & Times:

Saturday August 26th

Sunday August 27th

All cars must be in place by 9am and can leave from 5pm


Location and entrance:

Dundrum Town Centre (Dublin), Car Park Level 1, Sandyford Road Entrance.


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